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Leo Martinez Jr.
Bet-David Consulting Manager / Executive Business Coach

Meet Leo

Patrick Bet-David’s Executive Business Coach / BDC Manager.

I spend 80% of my day processing w/ CEO’s, Founders & Entrepreneurs. Typically those on a call with me are those who have signed up for direct mentoring, coaching or training with Patrick Bet-David, $2M companies to $10-$12 billion dollar divisions of Coca-Cola. 40+ hours a month I’m in direct mentoring sessions, Patrick Bet-David mentoring CEO’s & Founders 1-on-1, Executive & Leadership Teams to entire Sales Teams.

My beautiful wife Clarissa and I are 20 year entrepreneurs. We built a gladiator team who now drive & operate, continue to grow our company. This allows us to spend 100% of our time with Patrick Bet-David & our Valuetainment Community. My wife and I have been w/ Patrick since December 2017, where 6 months in, we found ourselves on a 10 day Greece cruise trip with Patrick, Jennifer and his leadership team, the rest is history. In Patrick’s words “Future Looks Bright”!


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